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  • bluesquarePart-time, evening classes designed to bring you from beginner to job ready over 9 months.

  • bluesquareLearn from the best mentors: Instructors that work during the day as developers in the industry.

  • bluesquareBuild a strong portfolio, from professional quality websites to full-stack apps.

  • bluesquareGet ready for your new career with help from the Career Services department and the ACA Alumni Association.

  • bluesquareGet hired by companies from within our employer network.

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Not Your Typical Coding Bootcamp

At Austin Coding Academy, our job is to bring students to job-ready proficiency. We offer three levels of classes for students: Intro, Intermediate and Advanced. Each course is ten weeks and by the end of the three courses students will be ready for a full-time developer position. Additionally, we offer services to produce custom curriculum and instruction for corporations with a need for technical education.


The perfect starting point for people jumping into the coding industry. This course will build coding fundamentals and by the end of it, you’ll be building professional level websites.



For those that are already fluent in HTML/CSS and ready to start building applications. In this course students learn object-oriented JavaScript and build a new app every week.



The final stage of the ACA curriculum where we put it all together. Students add to their portfolio and build full-stack, professional grade apps that are hosted on Heroku.


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Meet the Team

Luke Filipos


Chris Sica


Chris Lofton

Director of Academics

Kevin Colten

Chief Technical Officer and Lead Instructor

Cooper Dukette

Director of Finance and Operations

Erik Pinto Zambrano


Brennon Morris


Chen Yang


Eddie Garcia


John Daugherty


Oliver Treadwell


Canaan Davis


Jake Bapple


Victoria Chuang


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Hear What Our Students are Saying

  Exactly one year removed from a director-level position in digital marketing, I successfully changed careers from digital marketing into web development. And I couldn’t have done it without the help of ACA. The cherry on top is that my entry-level salary for development is the same as my director-level salary in digital marketing.

Luke Stenis, Class of April 2016

At ACA we’re really building a team and a community of people. We’re all working towards similar goals and we can all call upon each other. It’s like a big computer family. It’s cool!

Christa Clark, Class of Spring 2015

In the two months that I’ve been here I’ve been able to take the principles we’ve learned back to my day to day work. Since taking this class, I’ve become more efficient and effective at communicating with my developers.

Chris Amador, Class of Fall 2014

Without ACA I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in at work currently. Just prior to my starting the advanced class I moved into a role at Dell that works with development teams for building tools within the company. Without having completed both intro and intermediate classes at ACA I don’t think it would have

Chris Kelchner, Class of Fall 2015

Our Core Principles

Hands on Teaching

Less lecturing, more doing. Each day, class is divided into two halves: cover and explain concepts using real-world examples and then spend the rest of class applying that new knowledge.

Real World Focus

We teach using examples from real applications, products, and sites, rather than just hypotheticals. Learn skills you’ll actually be using in your career moving forward.


Our instructors are passionate about their trade and are available to help whether you need some assistance catching up or you need to be pushed because you’re ahead.

Project Based Learning

Build your Github profile, the de-facto resumé of the coding world. By the end of class, you’ll have a solid portfolio to show off to potential employers or prospective clients.

Team Oriented Learning

Developers work in teams, so our curriculum is structured to build those skills from the beginning. Classes are designed to encourage teamwork and enhance communication.


One of the hallmarks of Austin Coding Academy is the individual attention each student receives. We’re dedicated to making sure every student gets what they came for.

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